Why You Should Choose HD Mastering

We are now in the new era of digital formatting. Though today’s music are mastered through standard audio CD, we have an ever growing technology that allows artists to record and produce their tracks in a  much larger depth and higher frequency. Moving forward, technology has now developed in the music industry that fans prefer listening to HD formatted music more than the standard one, this is because of the better overall quality. It seems difficult to comprehend especially if you’re just starting as an artist but having an audio mastering engineer on your side will surely help you understand more about HD mastering.

Below are the reasons why you should choose HD formatted recording when giving your track to a professional mastering engineer like the one’s from Club Can’t Hear.



Great Return of Investment (ROI)

“Invest wisely” they say, this is also applicable in the music industry. Your music is an investment of your future and not only for profit. Digital HD music downloads are usually sold more than iTunes MP3 versions and they certainly are better in terms of quality compared to typical MP3, imagine that! Without a doubt, if you’re a consumer you will most likely spend money for high-quality converters and music players rather than those low-end right? It really doesn’t make sense to spend money only to hear tracks in low-quality, most people pay an extra money to hear a song in the best possible quality. For this reason, you need a mastering engineer to back you up. Why? For instance, you have converted to HD formatted tracks but it sounded like a crappy low-quality music, this would mean that you’re just wasting your money spending a couple of bucks for nothing. If you need a mastering engineer, i recommend checking out clubcanthear.com.

Superior Sound Quality

Superior sound quality is an obvious reason why HD formatted musics are now popular. In fact, an HD formatted music can stream up to 5 times the amount of information of a CD recording, and up to 20 times that in MP3. Combine that with the help of a mastering engineer, your track will surely sound fuller, sharper and more brilliant.

Compatible For Future Use

As HD music are now becoming popular and accessible, hard drive space is no longer an issue, you can conclude that the market will want more HD formatted tracks. By having your music mastered by a mixing and mastering professional in hi-fi, including Red Book and MP3, you can bet that there will be an available version for any market in the foreseeable future.

New Marketing Strategy

Last but not the least, not all music in today’s era are released in HD format. For hi-fi enthusiast who have spend thousands on stereo that plays HD tracks, the collection can be a variety of choices from remastered classic records, classic rocks to jazz music. With the help of a mastering services, you can release your track in an HD format with a seamless result, thus, you’re engaging in a new marketing strategy for hi-fi enthusiast who always wants to try new music on their systems.