Tips on How to Properly Tune Your Guitar

Learning on how to properly tune your guitar is considered one of the most important skills of playing the guitar. An out-of-tune guitar can ruin a gig, practice session and just generally irritates you and the people around you. There are a lot of problems that can cause your guitar to go out of tune but you don’t have to worry, we listed below some great tips on how to properly tune your guitar as easy as do-re-mi.


1. Avoid leaving your guitar in high temperature and extreme heat conditions since guitar strings get easily stretched and shrunk when they are exposed to extreme environment.

2. Be sure to tune your guitar upwards. The right method of properly tuning your guitar is by loosening the strings and go a below your desired pitch, then go upwards to the right pitch and tighten the string. By following this procedure, you are preventing the string from getting out of tune, and becoming flat when playing. In addition, you should make sure that the strings are also tight. Of all the tips for properly tuning your guitar, this is the most important part since many people tend to make mistakes following this process.

3. Avoid resting your guitar’s neck on the ground. The tuning pegs will certainly brush up to the surface and will loosen by accident and that is why you should consider buying a guitar stand.

4. Keep in mind to be extra careful when tuning pegs. You will only need to retune your guitar sometimes if you play it on a regular basis. Do not largely twists the pegs when retuning.

5. If you regularly use your guitar during gigs, always check the tuning after each song. Having effect pedals with built in tuners comes very handy for this purpose. You don’t want to be called a professional with an out of tune guitar solo right?



6. Also practice tuning your guitar every now and then, whenever you’re about to play.

7. If you have new strings, it is a best practice to tune it frequently until the strings stretch into the right place.

8. If you’re tuning in a loud room, it’s handy to have a tuner that can be plugged into your guitar. Find an electric tuner that has internal microphone and comes with a jack cable that lets you plug your guitar.

9. Last but not the least, always tune when your ear is good, in this way you can develop a good ear for music. When you play songs, you can easily hear pitch alterations, you have to tune by ear first before checking with an electric tuner.


Keep the above tips in mind so you’ll always have a properly tuned guitar and if you’re still starting in this industry, the best advice for you is to get an electric tuner since it will make things a lot easier.